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NEXT GEN USA is changing the way America’s youth prepares for playing soccer at the next level in the future…..


NEXT GEN USA has a very simple mission which is “To inspire, educate and empower  promising young players to reach their full potential on and off the field.”   The United States  is a very large country and the probability of your child being one of the fortunate who are selected for the US National Team out of thousands of players is very low .  There are 18 players on that match day roster.   While that sounds very discouraging to some, there are other opportunities for your player to excel in the game that they love at the next level.  The vision of NEXT GEN USA is to “develop a world class player progression system.  Through this player progression system, top players are identified.   Opportunities  for the top players are matched with the individual players skill sets to give them their greatest chance of success as  they gravitate upwards in their acceleration to play at the highest levels in international play.  For more information on NexGen USA programs and International Development Festivals, visit

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