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Afer a successful campaign at the MIC CUP in Spain, NEXT GEN USA is now in England for a round of matches with several professional academies in the UK.  At the MIC CUP in Spain, the 02’s bounced back from an early loss to top side PORTO.  They went into the Europa division, winning three games in a row until they were finally defeated in the semi final round.  In equally impressive fashion, the 04 group actually won their bracket, going undefeated.  Once they advanced, they faced LIVERPOOL and their phenom Henry Blair who was acquired for 50k pounds.  Liverpool and  Blair jumped out with a pace that was just too much for the 04’s.  LIVERPOOL went up 3-0 in the first 10 minutes.  That didn’t deter the NEXT GEN USA 04 squad.  They roared back with 3 goals of their own and controlled the majority of the posession in the second half.  In the end, LIVERPOOL won 5-3.

When asked about the performance of both squads, NEXT GEN USA’S TONY WILLIAMS had this to say: “In Order for the most promising players in the United States to reach their potential, we must expose them to international development opportunities where they can match their talent and professionalism against the best academies in the world both on and off the fieldLast week,  our boys did themself credit.  Our boys proved that the level of talent that we can find in North America is equal to that in Europe.  The difference is the professional training environments where we can get best with best boys training together year round which is what’s happening in Belgium.  It’s why they’re #1 in the world and they’re only the size of a state in America.  The truth of the matter is we don’t play enough meaningful games that stretch the players.”  That quote summarizes the mission and meaning behind NEXT GEN USA’S extensive, multi faceted training at home  and International tours.  Today, the Americans will be at Brentford playing their first matches .  We will be bringing you all of the coverage the entire week from England.


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