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This week’s Player of The Week goes to Michael DaCosta of Harrison Soccer Club! With a smile on his face every training session, DaCosta constantly shows his excitement. DaCosta plays as a striker and winger with the Harrison Vipers. They are split into two teams (SJSL, EDP) and he plays for both teams. DaCosta has also been playing/training with NJ ODP. He was also selected to the Region 1 team.
The striker’s favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. The Portuguese attacker has become one of the world’s most popular players and has won countless trophies.
“Practice juggling everyday,” said DaCosta. “My goal is to hit 100 juggles without dropping the ball. Do that several times a day. I also go in my backyard and practice shooting from distance trying to improve my accuracy and power. Keep a ball at your feet as much as possible (my mother doesn’t like me to play in the house so get permission from your parents first). In my free time I like watching YouTube videos studying how the top players train and play. I then try to mimic their technique.”
“I always look forward to the training days at NextGen. The coaches are awesome and have a lot of experience. They are very patient with me and the other players and calmly explain how I can improve.”
So what motivates this young passionate player? “I love playing soccer, no other sport comes close. I get super excited and anxious on game days because I want to do well and help my team win. I want to be a pro soccer player and in my mind I can see myself playing at the top level.”
Thanks again Mike! Best of luck on your future goals! And once again, congratulations on winning Players of The Week!

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