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Next Gen Players of the Week

Juni Smith and Noah Vicari from Cohansey Arsenal! Both players showed their character at the end of the Boy’s ETC Games Night when they cleaned up the entire field at Total Turf!
Smith is a defender for his club, but is capable of playing in midfield as well as being a forward. His favorite player is US National team member Gyasi Zardes! Zardes also plays forward with his club, LA Galaxy. His style and flair have made him a fan favorite for US Soccer.
“Just keep training,” said Smith. “Because when you’re not, it shows on the field. And all of the time that you are not (training), someone out there is getting better than you.”
“I think Next Gen is truly delightful and professional. I enjoy every moment in the program. I believe that every second I’m there, I’m learning valuable life lessons and that I’m getting closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional soccer player.”
“My biggest motivations are my family and my coach because they encourage me to keep on going and strive for greatness. My future also motivates me as well as Messi. These two are motivations to me because they make me think of what I want to be like, and what I don’t.”
Thanks for your time Juni and Congratulations on winning Player of The Week! Now on to Noah!
Vicari is a defender for his club team, but he has the skillset of playing in any position on the field. His favorite player is Lionel Messi of Barcelona. Messi has turned a lot of people into Barcelona fans over the last few years by his close control dribbling and love for the game.
When asked if he had any training tips for players Vicari responded, “Maintain persistence and never give up. Next Gen is a great program that brings out the best in a player and helps them realize their true potential.”
So what motivates Vicari to keep developing in this game? “I hope to one day become a professional player.”
Thanks Noah! We hope that you are able to achieve your goals and dreams! And once again, congratulations to both players on winning Player of The Week!

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