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NEXT GEN USA’S Kevin McCarthy brings you the first of three articles on the process…

The Challenge: Where to begin? How to be seen? What works?

Just as there is no one best fit school, there is no singular step-by-step guide for college recruiting. While the process is understood, your unique strengths and qualities will define your individual recruiting journey. You should map out multiple pathways or options that will support you as a player in creating the direction, confidence and knowledge to be successful in finding a best-fit college. In addition to participating in the “right” soccer showcase opportunities, you need to understand and be ready in the areas of academics, application excellence, leadership training, image management, as well as the soccer skills and tactics that are required to play at the next level.
YOU have only one opportunity to be successful at the college recruiting process. At Next Gen, we provide our High School soccer players with the expert support they need at all levels during this critical time. There is an integrated focus on the entire recruiting journey.

Finding The Best Fit School and Soccer Program For You!

The college search is not about getting into the best college or on the best team. We don’t believe in a best college or best soccer program. There is no school that is best for all student-athletes. Some students do best at large public universities; others excel in small liberal arts colleges; still others want to study far from home and there are multiple divisions within the NCAA to choose from.
If you want to make the most of college and college soccer, don’t just apply to the big–name schools or the ones your teammates are excited about. With the guidance of your club or coach, write down the criteria that are important and then use them to provide the GPS to find schools that are a great fit for you.

It’s never too early to start compiling a list of potential colleges.

If you’re an 8th grader or freshman, go window–shopping. Check out college and team websites, ask for ideas from your coaches, older players and alumni in your club, family and teachers. Create a list of schools that interest you. If you are a sophomore or junior, you should have this list now! Focus on refining this list further based on your best-fit criteria.

The Next Gen USA Passport to College process is designed to guide you on how and when to contact college coaches. As you get closer to junior year, it’s time to have an understanding of how your transcript is shaping up too. Next Gen USA Passport to College uses this information to help you find the right school and soccer program.

Follow me on Twitter @KevinMcCarthyNY for updates and expect more to come in my second post next week on College Recruiting 101. Til then; don’t hope, don’t try. Do!

Kevin McCarthy

Next Gen Director of College Programming

Former Head Coach of Columbia University Mens and Womens Soccer Teams

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