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The MLS is truly dominating the player pool for this month’s USMNT camp.  As the illustration shows, there are 27 players from 17 different MLS clubs who have been selected.  While the final top tier competition USMNT roster should hopefully look much different, including several Americans playing abroad in more competitive International play, this is a good concept.  If we were to continue to exclude the top domestic talent and not truly build the US Development Academy as the feeder system to the first team, I believe we would continue to see the same disjointed, underachieving mismosh of players and playing style which has yielded dismal results.

The top MLS talent should be included in the process for them to see exactly what is needed to prepare for playing the top International clubs.  This is an enormous task to build the USMNT just to a respectable level for starters and then to a place where they should be, in the top group year in and year out on the world international stage.

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