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Man United’s interim mgr in his playing days

With MOURINHO sacked after an abolsolutely dismal start to the 2019 campaign in which MANCHESTER UNITED sat miles back in sixth position behind league leader LIVERPOOL, it was time for the interim gaffer  OLE GUNNAR  SOLSJKAER to take over.  And take over he has done so far.  While not enough time has elapsed since his naming as interim manager to truly implement many changes in training, the proud MANCHESTER UNITED club took the pitch against CARDIFF CITY Saturday and absolutely dominated the match on their way to the 5-1 offensive barrage over CARDIFF CITY.  CARDIFF CITY ‘S only goal came on a PK after a questionable hand ball call.

Ultimately, MOURINHO’S decision to get into an ongoing pissing match with POGBA, which saw POGBA relegated to the bench proved to not only be completely wrong but the nail in the coffin for MOURINHO. Mourinho’s future had been under scrutiny after several dismal performances, despite signing a 12-month contract extension less than a year ago.

United had won just once in its previous six Premier League matches, including draws against struggling SOUTHAMPTON  and CRYSTAL PALACE before today’s victory.  Buckle up because MANCHESTER UNITED looks to be turning things around rapidly.  While they have tons of work to do, it’s great to see them earning 3 points.  The future looks bright after the first 18 matches and it just got a bit more interesting.  Stay tuned…

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