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While it was  inevitable that Manchester City was going to win the Premier League at some point in the 2018 campaign, no one thought it would come at the hands of West Brom taking out Manchester United 1-0 in shocking fashion.

When Jose Mourinho was asked about his team’s performance, he had plenty to say.

“We were masters in complicated football, everything was complicated, we couldn’t play fast or think fast, one more touch to control, one more turn, one more flick, one more trick and we always gave them the opportunity to be solid, compact, together in their low block with physical, strong players, they always had time to organise themselves,” Jose Mourinho said.

“When we have the ball, we want to run with the ball, we want to dribble, and everything was complicated. Probably in our best period where we were moving the ball better and the team was thinking faster and the team had more width was when they scored, which was the only way they could score a goal, in a corner or lateral free kick and after that they closed every door.”

More to come on Manchester City, 2018 PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS…


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