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GALAXY GET THEIR MAN …$1.5 Million for Ibrahimovic

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In what can only be described as a miserable 2017 campaign for the LA Galaxy, 2018 moves continue to improve this roster on paper and certainly even more important, on the pitch.  Without a doubt, improvements like adding former DC UNITED teammates PERRY KITCHEN and CHRIS PONTIUS as well as other timely additions have made LA a deeper, much improved lot.  However, the fact that in addition to the already impressive upgrades mentioned, adding a world class talent like ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC takes the cake.  But wait, here’s the real shocker as LA GALAXY were able to secure the 36 year old Swedish footballer for the amazingly low price of $1.5 million.  This was the max they could pony up under the current MLS structure without forfeiting other considerations.  He is sure to make millions of additional revenue in endorsements in addition to his salary once his feet are firmly planted on American soil…And what does the coach and top brass have to say about the signing?   “I can’t say enough about the offseason that we had and making so many changes with [head coach] Sigi [Schmid] and [VP of soccer operations] Pete [Vagenas] and what our entire soccer operations group did to build the team and to leave room to be able to bring a player like Ibra in,” Klein said. “To have him come in as a TAM player, it didn’t even really take convincing. He wanted to come and he had the insight and the wherewithal to understand that he didn’t want to blow up our team to do it. And doing that, you hear all the time in sports that it’s not about the money, it usually is about the money. But with him it wasn’t.”

Does he have anything left in the tank coming off injury or will this be a mistake for the Galaxy and the MLS.  Many feel this reeks of the old MLS, bringing in International stars at the very end of their careers instead of continuing to develop young, domestic talent. Only time will tell…. it’s gonna be an interesting ride in LA.

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