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We are excited about tonight’s webinar on College Recruiting for Soccer Players. Please join our College Prep Director, Kevin McCarthy, by clicking on this link <link to> at 9 pm tonight, Sunday May 22. He will share the best practices and methods for differentiating yourself from 700,000 other High School soccer players. Kevin’s insights are based on his 25+ years coaching both the Men’s and Women’s soccer programs at Columbia University, many years as the head coach. And this informative webinar is FREE!

To keep the discussions more interactive, there is a limited “seating” capacity for the webinar. If you are a High School soccer player or your child will be in High School in Fall 2016, click here <link to> a few minutes before 9 pm to have the best chance to get in and hear Kevin share his insights. You can also dial into +1 (669) 224-3412 with access code 414-489-125 and join in. If you cannot attend or unable to get a “seat” tonight, let us know at

We look forward to having a great interactive webinar on College Recruiting 101 tonight at 9 pm.

Check out a few of Kevin’s thoughts below in his 3rd article posted here on


There is no way to Hack The College Soccer Recruiting Game!

Let’s be clear – there are no guarantees to playing college soccer. No recruiting companies can and should guarantee you will play college soccer. Many recruiting services provide the services of e-mailing your profile, making you a professional highlight film, even providing a college scouting report on you. Many will offer sound, broad based guidance throughout the process. These are all valuable services. However, if a recruiting service even suggests the promise of a scholarship, I would question them. Next Gen’s Passport to College Soccer is ultimately about being informed, educated and empowered for players to be their own agents. Finding your way is to assertively and doggedly seek the outcome: the end result of studying and playing at a school you love!
Nothing Works Unless You DO!

As Tony Williams, my inspirational colleague at @NextGenSoccerUS tells our players, “Nothing Works Unless You Do!” This clearly goes for your development and growth as a high level player aspiring to play college soccer; it is also absolutely essential to embrace the recruiting process as well. Remember, there are no recruiting Hacks out there!

Get A Job!

One strategy is to think of the college recruiting process as a job search.

I have seen players successfully navigate the process with this type of mindset. Like a job search, it takes lots of work to get the right match. Define and target your companies (schools), research them, identify and get the attention of the right people (coach/assistant coach), impress that person in an audition (showcase) or interview (college visit), and be persistent but professional!

I suggest continuing this business analogy and enlist your Board of Directors to assist you in the recruiting process. Who are they?

Your club coach, club Director of Coaching, select team coach, high school coach, guidance counselor, club and school alumni who went on ahead of you to play in college, your extended family and, of course, the P.U.’s, The Rents…yup, Mom and Dad.

While You(!) must be the Chair of the Board, parents can provide invaluable support and guidance during the college soccer search by focusing on what is important to you and helping you stay organized and updated with all materials and deadlines. They will keep you focused on your list of best fit schools and not be swayed by the choices of teammates or fixated on the “one ideal school.”

Most importantly, like at games, parents should stay on the sidelines and be professional in your support. Coaches recruit good, trustworthy parents as much as hard working, talented players because they believe there is a connection between the two.

And again parents, as you do at games, provide unwavering support during the inevitable highs and lows of the process.

In summary, while wrapping up these three posts on the college soccer recruiting process,I have steered you to begin with a best match, best fit list; define and create your own singular personal brand for recruiting and by taking A.I.M., that is using Authentic Impression Management strategies to have coaches find you; and finally embrace the work and the college recruiting process and you will find your way, your school, your college soccer program.

Recruiting Zen

I will leave you with a little Recruiting Zen:

Everything is related to everything else!

Your life – School, Soccer, Social – all twist, turn and tangle together. Wake up, be conscious of moving confidently in the direction of your dreams of playing college soccer at a great fit school!

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Til then; don’t hope, don’t try. Do.

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